The City of Fort Smith

The City of Fort Smith

Online Bill Pay


Security Measures:

We employ the latest technology to guard your privacy at all times, such as:

Account Security Tips:

We provide several safety mechanisms to protect your account. You can enhance your online safety by keeping your account numbers and passwords private, and by guarding your financial information.

To access the Online Bill Pay system, you need to enter your email address and create a password. To help ensure that only you can view your Account information:

Traditional e-mail is not completely secure, so we advise our customers to not send personal information.

If you don't log out of the system, you could potentially allow others using the same computer to access information saved or cached in the memory of the browser. When you are ready to leave the Online Bill Pay System always:

Securing Your Computer:

Use the most current antivirus software. New viruses pop up all the time. Make sure your antivirus software uses the latest antivirus signature files. Signature files make it possible for the software to detect viruses. You should be able to download and install updates through the software vendor’s Web site. Most antivirus companies offer subscription services to ensure you get the latest updates.

Keep your operating system up to date. Operating system updates and upgrades are released often to repair security flaws that are found after the operating system software was first released. Make sure your operating system software (Microsoft® Windows or Macintosh® OS, for example) is currently supported by its supplier and has the latest security updates. Since new vulnerabilities may be discovered at any time, we recommend that you use an automatic update service.

Protect your computer from hackers. Being connected to the Internet means information continually travels freely to and from your computer. An easy-to-install personal firewall helps you screen out unauthorized communications to your computer and can prevent hackers from gaining access while you’re online. This is especially important if you connect to the Internet via a cable modem or a digital subscriber line (DSL) modem.